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Murder in Little Grimley. Waddington Dramatic Society. Waddington Village Hall. 17 June 2022.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Review Culture was invited to attend the latest play from Waddington Dramatic Society, but due to a date change we were unable to attend in person and so we invited the company to find a guest reviewer who could supply us with copy that we agreed to publish to help advertise the show which was the initial raison d'etre behind Review Culture. So, we present this article on behalf of our friends at Waddington Dramatic Society. We hope that readers will support their production.

Waddington Dramatic Society are back with another hilarious comedy double-bill by the talented David Tristram – Last Panto in Little Grimley and Murder in Little Grimley directed by Julie Addison and Lachlan Madin. In Last Panto, following on from the success of Little Grimley Dramatic Society’s Last Tango, Chairperson Gordon (played by Neil Markland) has decided to write another play this time a Pantomime – but not just any Panto – a SEX panto! What follows is a farcical situation with the Society trying to put on a show while having to contend with dodgy lighting, a word processor with a mind of its own and a banana-eating stage manager who is an accident waiting to happen. Once they make it to opening night, absolute chaos breaks-out as they lurch from one disaster to another, but will Joyce be the one to save the day?

Murder in Little Grimley is a brand-new play written this year and Waddington are one of the few societies, in the Lincolnshire area, to perform it. Gordon’s creative juices are flowing again, but this time he has turned his attentions to a different genre – an Agatha Christie whodunnit murder mystery called the ‘Joke Shop Murders’. As rehearsals progress, it becomes clear that Gordon has a secret of his own and the rest of the Society, Margaret (Maria Wagstaff), Joyce (Joan King) and Bernard (Gary Wright) are determined to get to the bottom of it. However, when reality starts to imitate art and the society find themselves embroiled in a real-life murder with the arrival of two police men (Andy Brown and Robert Graham) - will the opening night be threatened, and could Gordon’s life be changed forever?

Technical and lighting support has been provided by Lincoln Sound Group (David Ridout and Kev Gillingham) and really adds to the atmosphere of the production through well-timed special effects and a jaunty soundtrack.

The show opens on Thursday 23rd June and runs until Saturday 25th June from 7:30 p.m. (doors open 7:00pm). Tickets are £8.00 each and are available on the door or by calling 07368 627074. Waddington Dramatic Society perform at Waddington Village Hall, Mere Road, Waddington. LN5 9NX

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