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Seth Lakeman Recounts a Pilgrim's Tale at Blackfriars Art Centre Sunday February 9th

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Seth Lakeman’s new album ‘A Pilgrim’s Tale’ is a stunning collection of songs documenting the voyage of the Mayflower to mark the 400 year centenary of it setting sail, the reasons behind it and it’s devastating impact on the local Native American tribe the Pilgrims encountered, the Wampanoag people, who ensured the strangers survival but at a great cost to themselves.

Lakeman was accompanied by three highly talented musicians and between them they played a variety of instruments including double bass, guitar, banjo, fiddle and harmonium. Lakeman took the majority of vocal duties and has penned a superb suite of songs that highlight the difficulties and dangers of the voyage as well as a near disaster. It is likely to feature in many albums of the year lists.

The second half was just as good and perhaps a bit less intense as a selection of his extensive and impressive back catalogue was performed and he was able to engage with the Blackfriars audience who also joined in on some numbers.

The tour continues around other towns associated with the Mayflower and is really not to be missed but if you can’t make it then do yourselves a huge favour and buy the wonderful album.

Contributed by Ben Peel

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