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Do you want to write?

Discover how we can help your work.

At Breakwater we are always seeking to help writers develop. We want you to develop individual voices as writers and to bring that voice to the stage.

Ideas Ideas Ideas

Do you have an idea for a story that YOU think would make an interesting play?

We would remind you that simply having an interesting idea may not be enough, as plays have to be sculpted, shaped and developed. But without an original idea and an original voice, there would be no new work for the stage. Bring your ideas and we will try to help you develop them.

Table Reads

We have begun a new feature of our work - table reads. We invite writers who have written a script, to hear it read aloud at our office by a group of actors and we then lead a discussion of the script with the writers and the actors all chipping in their thoughts and ideas.. So, if you want to hear your work read aloud, why not drop us a line to see if we can help?

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Join the group of writers who have worked with Breakwater since 2013 and become a part of this exciting company.

Get Inspired

Discuss your work or your ideas with us. We are always willing to try and help.

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