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How I began

Born and raised in Cardiff, I trained as a teacher and moved round the UK  for work. I settled on Humberside and took up writing for the stage. I have written dramas, comedies, pantomimes and musicals during my stage career.


My philosophy is that everyone has creativity within them and I see it as my role to bring it out of them. I want to tap the creativity within and watch the results as they emerge in new pieces of work. I want my work to challenge and inspire others and to be an example.

My Work

Perhaps best known for the play "Moonlight Marionettes", I have written a lot more than you may first assume. Look at my shop on for published works that can be purchased. Licences can be obtained by using the contact form on this site

Get in touch

If you want to find out more contact me at and I will tell you more about what I have done previously or indeed, can do for you

New writing for the stage
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